Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Yankee Candle - Christmas Cookie | Review

its that time of year again - CHRISTMAS! and what better than a trusty yankee candle to get yourself in the mood?! the sicky sweet scent of this months pick is 'christmas cookie' - a repurchase of mine - which fills any room with an immediate memory of christmas baking and home comforts!

i picked up this badboy from clintons for £19.99, pricey for a candle - i know. however theres something about the yankee candles thats just a cut above the rest. the scents are varied and extremely strong, they burn for HOURS and the wax melts down the sides of the jar as opposed to regular candles that just burn down the centre.

not sure what scent i'm going to pick up next but as this is a large jar, i have a feeling i'll be waiting some time before it burns out!

whats your favourite yankee scent?

emma xo

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