Tuesday, 15 May 2012

skincare products i cant put down!

to start with, i'd just like to apologise for my lack of blogging for the past few weeks! in this time i've turned 21, finished university and secured myself a beauty consultant job. pretty sweet, right? so, after these mad and stressful past few weeks, my skin has well and truly suffered! i've found myself reaching for two relatively new products in my skincare regime and i'm going to review the pair of them for you now.

after purchasing the bioderma crealine h2o solution for cleansing a couple of months ago, i have seen a dramatic difference in the quality of my skin. in general, i am getting less spots than before and my skin is much less red. not only do i use this at night to take off my makeup, (amazing for removing eye makeup, no stinging at all!) but i also use a small amount in the morning, before toning and moisturising, to clean any impurities off my skin, before applying a fresh face of makeup! i have been very set in my ways for the past few years - despite being a makeup artist, i have always used simple face wipes to remove my makeup and then whacked a bit of moisturiser on afterwards. i always found makeup removers and cleansers very oily and that they left a residue on top of my skin. after finding this, i can officially say i am hooked and will never go back to my face wipe ways (unless i've had a few too many vodka and lemonades... )! this product cannot be found in UK stores as it is a french brand. i however, purchased mine from eBay for £12.90 HERE! it is a 500ml bottle and lasts ages! i've used about 5 cotton pads worth a day, every day, for the past two months and am only half way through the bottle. 

secondly, on the slightly more expensive side of skincare, is estee lauder advanced night repair. i know what you're all thinking - another blogger favourite that is so obviously overrated. i did too. but, what with my excessive spending in boots, i'd gained nearly £70 worth of advantage points, and decided this was the time to test it out. quite frankly, i wasn't willing (or rich enough) to justify spending £54 on some serum, so getting it for free was extremely satisfying! the first evening i used it, i was sceptical. i don't think much of the smell, and as much as i loved the feel of it on my face, the feeling left on my fingers after rubbing it in, was less than desirable. i wont lie, i did feel a little special using this delightfully packaged product, and it did give a lovely finish to the skin from the second i applied it. when i woke up the following morning i was pleasantly surprised. don't get me wrong, its no miracle - you don't wake up looking like an angel! my skin was more plump, much more moisturised and my blemishes had been reduced considerably. i began using this product about one month ago and every time i use it my skin just gets better. i think it'll take a few more bottles before i do wake up looking like an angel, however my skin is the best it's looked in a while. this product retails at £41 for the 30ml and £54 for the 50ml.

so, now i am officially a beauty consultant, i will be posting all sorts on here about different products and the effects they've had on my skin. i can't say where i am working yet as i think they're trying to keep it pretty hush hush, but i can say that the skincare offers are incredible and i'm so exited to start working!

have you guys used these products before? what are your skincare must-haves?
emma xo