Wednesday, 11 April 2012

perfect polish

good afternoon dolls. it's a rainy day here in london and i'm feeling less than 100% so i thought i'd take the time to organise some of my nail polishes. like many girls, i hoard nail polishes like they've been discontinued. honestly, the majority of mine are dried up and entirely unusable - god knows why i feel the need to stash them away and pretend that one day i'll use them again. but today i've been reunited with some old favourites and it has inspired me to mention a few of my favourites. i've whittled it down to five and made sure they're all different. so, here goes...!

here we have the ultimate barbie pink: rimmel's '270 hot shot', a lovely nude: models own in 'nude beige', a perfect plum: rimmel's '410 trend spotting', an insane metallic: 'mirror, mirror' by sephora, and finally chanel's 'pirate' - everyone's must-have red.

unfortunately sephora products cannot be bought in the UK but if you're ever in paris or the USA, there are plenty of sephora stores that are worth a look around. i purchased 'mirror, mirror' in paris last summer for around €5. all of the other polishes mentioned can be found in boots and superdrug stores around the UK. rimmel polishes tend to cost around £5, models own are also £5 and chanel's are a steep £17.50. the shade 'pirate' is (i'm almost certain) discontinued, however chanel's 'dragon' is a VERY close match, and equally lovely colour.

i have also chosen two of my favourite top coats. jessica's 'brilliance' and sally hansen's 'hard as nails'.

sally hansen's 'hard as nails' can be purchased in boots and superdrug stores for around £4.75. jessica products are slightly harder to get hold of in stores however can be found in many beauticians and salons, as well as online. you can find their website here, where they supply multiple colours, shades and nail treatments.

my favourite nail products and colours change regularly but these are definitely my most used! what are your favourites?

emma xo