Tuesday, 31 January 2012

dream team

tanya burr and jim chapman are the cutest couple in the WORLD.

just a quick one today, but something that has to be blogged about!
you've probably all seen a lot of tanya burr, a youtube beauty sensation, but if you haven't - its time to google! she is amazing at what she does, seems like a lovely girl, and to top it off she's absolutely beautiful. her makeup tutorials have enticed a worldwide audience and she has, in the past two years, become one of the most subscribed beauty bloggers! with tutorials ranging from brigitte bardot to olivia palermo, tanya talks you through anything youll ever need to know about makeup!

her boyfriend jim chapman also has a youtube channel focussing on male grooming and style. he's humorous, intelligent and has great style - i would definitely recommend his channel to any lads needing some style inspiration!

look how pretty they are! now, why wouldn't you trust them with your style?!

have you guys got any favourite beauty or style bloggers/youtubers?
emma xo

Friday, 27 January 2012

the dreaded outfit post...

i find the whole idea of posting an outfit a bit cringey to be honest! i LOVE seeing what other people are wearing and where they've got their items from but it's taken me a few days to pluck up the courage, get down with the kids, and post a bloody outfit!

despite the freezing temperatures today in southampton, it was a very sunny day! after going to the gym, i decided to pop into town and ended up looking pretty summery. i did look a bit silly rocking my sunglasses and denim jacket when everyone else was wrapped up in scarves and winter coats but still, here goes;

grey top - topshop
black maxi skirt and brown belt - new look
cream studded pumps - topshop
bag - mulberry

my mulberry bag never leaves my side. i cant part with it for more than a day. it was a gift from my parents last summer and since i got it i don't think i've ever used another bag during the day!

my hair is currently looking a bit of a funky colour. normally i'm bleach blonde but a few weeks ago had it dyed 'dark brown'. alas it didn't do much to my bleach loving barnet and now it's kinda ginger! i'm trying to rock it for as long as possible but i have a feeling i'll be back to the bleach SOON!

you wouldn't know it from the sorry sight of me today but i am actually a makeup artist so i will post a few beauty faves soon!

anyone else got a favourite bag/item they can't live without?!
emma xo

Monday, 23 January 2012

'it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live'

as many of my friends know, i'm shamelessly obsessed with harry potter! partly because i have a not-so-shameless crush on daniel radcliffe (don't judge me), but mainly because JK rowling is a genius and once i start reading, i can't physically stop. i've probably read each book over 20 times and they never get old! i began reading harry potter and the philosopher's stone again last week and am having to limit myself to one chapter per night in order to avoid completely losing all sense of reality.

pretty sure i want to get some sort of harry potter related tattoo... nothing too obvious though! don't wanna look like a complete nutter/muggle. i did my dissertation on 'celebrity obsession' and came across a few portrait tattoos of daniel radcliffe in the process. seriously freaky stuff.

although the films are undeniably amazing, the books MAKE harry potter. to be honest, if i hadn't read the books, i wouldn't have a clue what the films were about half the time! every time my family goes to see harry potter in the cinema, my mother (harry potter traitor who hasn't read the books) never fully understands or appreciates the magic of the story. the journey home is usually spent with me explaining harry potter's life story to the rest of my family.

talking of harry potter, daniel radcliffe's new film 'woman in black' is out in the UK on the 10th feb 2012! putting the fact that i'm in love with daniel radcliffe aside, this film should be amazing. i saw the play twice when i did GCSE dance/drama and absolutely loved it! it was PETRIFYING in the theatre so with all the special effects on film, i'm gonna guess i'll be sleeping with the light on for a few weeks after!

watch the woman in black movie trailer here !

anyone else a harry potter/daniel radcliffe fan?!

emma xo

PS. best quote of all time; 'it is our choices that make us who we are, far more than our abilities' (OH YEAH GO DUMBLEDORE!)

Monday, 16 January 2012

'im an island! i'm bloody ibiza!'

okay, i have done an appalling job so far of doing regular blog posts but i do have an excuse! i've had a mad week of uni hand-ins so now i've finally done all my work, i can commit myself a bit to this!

one of the reasons my work has taken me such a long time is that i keep getting distracted by the thought of going to IBIZA in the summer! i cant help myself, every 5 minutes i'm looking up different nights out, photos of our hotel or deciding what i'm going to dress up as at zoo project this year!

i went to ibiza last year with a few of my best friends from home and can honestly say it was the best week of my life! its such a cliche but ibiza really is one of a kind. it is an incredible atmosphere, everyone's always in an amazing mood and i didn't see one fight the whole time i was there. (contrary to magaluf 09. i dont want to talk about it.)

so here's a few snaps from my 2011 trip to ibiza with the best people in the world...

 privilege club - tiesto!
pukka up boat party pre party! 
pre drinks - amnesia, chase and status/nero :) 
zoo project! think we're gonna go a bit crazier with the costumes this year! 
my bestests before zoo project :) 
LEGENDARY promoter jamie. or 'loopy jamie' as he called himself... 
final night, watching the sunset after dinner at cafe mambo! 
on the pukka up boat! with a random guy... BEST DAY!

i would highly recommend ibiza to anyone that hasn't been. no one should go through life without having gone! 

already started my 'ibiza body diet', which, quite honestly, i cant see lasting until ibiza. i'm currently doing the dukan diet which is a protein based diet, with no carbs and no fruit and veg for the first week. i never eat veg anyway but i'm really missing bread and potatoes! what i would give for a bacon double cheese burger! i will be blogging (moaning) about this diet in weeks to come but so far, it seems to be working!

anyway, i shall try to post a lot more this week because i have the week of uni!
emma xo

Thursday, 5 January 2012


i realise its not been a great deal of time since my last post, but seeing as that was pretty boring, thought id share my new nails with you!

i used nailease 'nail art strips' to create a black and gold zebra look! they're pretty amazing - they come in all shapes and sizes so theres always one to fit your nail, you dont need to heat them, and they last for 7 days without chipping!

i started with 3 simple tools. the nail stickers, nail clippers/scissors and a nail file!

simply choose the sticker that fits best with your nail and apply it. chop of the excess with your nail clippers/scissors and tidy up the edges with the file.

you should end up with something like this!

i love the nail art trend, the more outrageous the better! having said that, having 3D nails is SUCH an inconvenience in day to day life, its better to limit the crazyness for special occasions!

i would definitely recommend nailease and will use them again in the future. much simpler to apply than other brands ive tried and such a reasonable price!

emma xo

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


hellooooooo friends!
right, ive been saying im gonna start properly blogging for ages now, and what with it being new year, what better time to start? i use the term 'properly blogging' loosely as the majority of what i say or post will be completely irrelevant to anyone but me.
so, ive decided to keep this light-hearted, and more of an 'online diary'. i like to think i lead a pretty fucking cool life so watch this space for the happenings of my final term at university, a summer of ibiza and festivals with my best friends, and general ramblings of my stupid life.

OKAY SO, new years resolutions are as follows;
  • stop doing stupid stuff like getting drunk and then getting with friends. not cool, very embarrassing.
  • lose weight. i say this every year. scrap that - every week. ive never done it, and i probably wont do it this time. but lets face it, if i dont have it as a resolution, itll be like i didnt even bother. (which i probably wont)
  • do more good deeds. quite frankly - i need some good karma.

back to uni on sunday so hopefully some more exiting posts will follow :)

until then, see you on the flipflopppppppp

emma xo