Thursday, 1 November 2012

REVIEW | toni & guy hair mask

i confess, i'm much more of a skincare gal than haircare and rarely look after my tresses as well as i'm supposed to. having long, bleached hair, its a real struggle to keep it nourished and healthy without making the roots greasy. i've used multiple shampoos, conditioners, hot oils and crazy hair repairing products in the past until i got to the point where i just gave up and let it...well...die.

my hair was in a pretty dire way at the beginning of september and when i was in florida i purchased a small bottle of argan oil. i really saw a difference after using it for two weeks on holiday but found it a little impractical when i returned home. i popped into boots on a lunch break from work and purchased a toni and guy hair mask. i assumed it would be pretty pricey, given the repuation toni and guy have, but it was surprisingly reasonably priced at around £7.99.

i have used it once a week, every week, since i bought it. i dont need much on my thin hair so i still have about half a tub left. i can notice a huge difference the day after washing my hair and have definitely seen long term results over the past few weeks.

as far as the 'for blonde hair' goes, i cant say ive noticed anything change regarding the colour or vibrancy of my hair. this may be because its a prevention as opposed to a feature of the mask.

overall i have been very impressed with this product and my hair is finally looking less straw-like and much thicker on the ends.

emma xo

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