Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Soap and Glory GLOW JOB | Review

glow job - an attractive name to some, and one of soap and glorys most glorified products. sadly i am not convinced. i am so disappointed in this product! it claims to be a daily radiance moisture lotion. amazing, i thought, as i picked it up in boots for £9. i am a big skincare fan and any excuse to wear less makeup but still have glowing skin sounded good to me. alas when i got it home, and rushed to the bathroom mirror to pop some on, i was left a little bemused. the bottle says; 'squeeze a pea-sized measure of GLOW JOB onto your fingertips, then rub together to release the bronze from inside the beads and blend. apply to your face in upward circular motions then just get up and glow!'. so there i am, following the instructions, and not only did i find it hard to burst the bronzing beads between my fingertips, but when i applied it to my face, i was left with an extremely uneven and strange looking colour.

perhaps the product is just not suited to my skin, i found it to be very red toned, whereas i have a yellow undertone. it was, although i'd only applied a small amount, very obvious on my skin and not at all natural looking. i bought this originally as i'd seen it reviewed by Ruth Crilly from 'a model recommends' where her skin looked beautiful and glowy. miss crilly has notoriously fabulous skin and perhaps this aided the product to work to its full potential.

i have tried to use this product in many ways an have found  the best way is with a bit of extra moisturiser added to it after having burst the beads. on the other hand, it still doesnt look great and definitely isnt hassle-free, which is predominantly why i chose to purchase it.

i hadnt tried anything from soap and glory before and am now a little put-off! have you guys got a favourite from that range?

emma xo

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