Monday, 23 January 2012

'it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live'

as many of my friends know, i'm shamelessly obsessed with harry potter! partly because i have a not-so-shameless crush on daniel radcliffe (don't judge me), but mainly because JK rowling is a genius and once i start reading, i can't physically stop. i've probably read each book over 20 times and they never get old! i began reading harry potter and the philosopher's stone again last week and am having to limit myself to one chapter per night in order to avoid completely losing all sense of reality.

pretty sure i want to get some sort of harry potter related tattoo... nothing too obvious though! don't wanna look like a complete nutter/muggle. i did my dissertation on 'celebrity obsession' and came across a few portrait tattoos of daniel radcliffe in the process. seriously freaky stuff.

although the films are undeniably amazing, the books MAKE harry potter. to be honest, if i hadn't read the books, i wouldn't have a clue what the films were about half the time! every time my family goes to see harry potter in the cinema, my mother (harry potter traitor who hasn't read the books) never fully understands or appreciates the magic of the story. the journey home is usually spent with me explaining harry potter's life story to the rest of my family.

talking of harry potter, daniel radcliffe's new film 'woman in black' is out in the UK on the 10th feb 2012! putting the fact that i'm in love with daniel radcliffe aside, this film should be amazing. i saw the play twice when i did GCSE dance/drama and absolutely loved it! it was PETRIFYING in the theatre so with all the special effects on film, i'm gonna guess i'll be sleeping with the light on for a few weeks after!

watch the woman in black movie trailer here !

anyone else a harry potter/daniel radcliffe fan?!

emma xo

PS. best quote of all time; 'it is our choices that make us who we are, far more than our abilities' (OH YEAH GO DUMBLEDORE!)


  1. Thank you for your message!

    Nice blog!

    Harry Potter is one of the best books in the world! ^^

    1. thank youu :) it definitely is, so sad its over! xo

  2. I FAAAAreeeekin love Harry Potter. I even have nightmares over voldemort!? I'm literally counting down the days till Woman in Black too! xxxx

  3. I love Harry Potter. It doesnt matter if you're 7 or 25 years old... you will read all night just to find out whats going to happen next :)


  4. Great Post!! I love Harry Potter.. I seen the new ad for the new Daniel Radcliffe movie.. Looks so spooky!! xx

    1. thank you :) it looks so good, im very exited ! xo