Tuesday, 31 January 2012

dream team

tanya burr and jim chapman are the cutest couple in the WORLD.

just a quick one today, but something that has to be blogged about!
you've probably all seen a lot of tanya burr, a youtube beauty sensation, but if you haven't - its time to google! she is amazing at what she does, seems like a lovely girl, and to top it off she's absolutely beautiful. her makeup tutorials have enticed a worldwide audience and she has, in the past two years, become one of the most subscribed beauty bloggers! with tutorials ranging from brigitte bardot to olivia palermo, tanya talks you through anything youll ever need to know about makeup!

her boyfriend jim chapman also has a youtube channel focussing on male grooming and style. he's humorous, intelligent and has great style - i would definitely recommend his channel to any lads needing some style inspiration!

look how pretty they are! now, why wouldn't you trust them with your style?!

have you guys got any favourite beauty or style bloggers/youtubers?
emma xo


  1. I have never heard of them, i think i'll check them out:)



  2. Not heard of here but will check her out...I love a good make-up vid. x

  3. will defo be checking these two out!
    omg i am also so obsessed with harry potter , i've read the books a ridiculous amount of times , i can fully recite paragraphs :| ahhaaa , nice to see a fellow hp fan out there
    now following (:
    mantenso xx

    1. haha amazing!! love you blog too, following :) xo

  4. i watch her videos very very often!
    her make-up tipps are amazing


  5. I am always watching these two, been watching thier new york and LA video's recently too

    Over on my blog I m having a give away, I would love for you to enter :o)



  6. Oh I adore them, absolutely lovely people. Watching their vlogs and videos are so fun. Both are lucky to have each other! x