Wednesday, 4 January 2012


hellooooooo friends!
right, ive been saying im gonna start properly blogging for ages now, and what with it being new year, what better time to start? i use the term 'properly blogging' loosely as the majority of what i say or post will be completely irrelevant to anyone but me.
so, ive decided to keep this light-hearted, and more of an 'online diary'. i like to think i lead a pretty fucking cool life so watch this space for the happenings of my final term at university, a summer of ibiza and festivals with my best friends, and general ramblings of my stupid life.

OKAY SO, new years resolutions are as follows;
  • stop doing stupid stuff like getting drunk and then getting with friends. not cool, very embarrassing.
  • lose weight. i say this every year. scrap that - every week. ive never done it, and i probably wont do it this time. but lets face it, if i dont have it as a resolution, itll be like i didnt even bother. (which i probably wont)
  • do more good deeds. quite frankly - i need some good karma.

back to uni on sunday so hopefully some more exiting posts will follow :)

until then, see you on the flipflopppppppp

emma xo

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